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CareCredit/GECRB Complaint - I was charged $350.00 in late fees even though I made my payment before the due date every month! - CARECREDIT CREDIT CARD
CareCredit/GECRB Complaint

CareCredit/GECRB Complaint


I was charged $350.00 in late fees even though I made my payment before the due date every month! - CARECREDIT CREDIT CARD

I was approved for a CareCredit credit card that I needed to pay for a root canal. I have no health insurance and was putting off a much needed root canal until the pain became unbearable. The damage done to my tooth was so severe it ended up costing me almost $2,000.00. Since I was on unemployment at the time I could not afford to pay for the procedure with cash so I applied for a CareCredit card and was approved with a limit of $3,000.00. I got the procedure done and what little tooth I had left was saved enough in order to have a crown placed on it. I was ok with paying $57.00 a month towards CareCredit because my teeth are important to me and they help with the whole eating food thing that I have to do everyday in order to survive. I was supposed to go back to the dentist a few weeks later for a check up and to ensure that everything was fine with my new crown. Since I have the payment for CareCredit set up through my checking account for automatic payment on the 1st of every month I was not sure how much I had available for the next dentist visit. I called the number on the back of the card to check and found out that my available was way less then what it should have been. After speaking to several rude customer service representatives I was told it was because I didn't pay the balance of $1,724.00 with in 12 months and $400 worth of finance charges were applied to my account which made my monthly payment go up a bit by month 13. Since I wasn't aware of this I wasn't able to pay the extra amount in addition to my regular payment. So now instead I have to pay an extra $350.00 for a root canal(I never went back for the check-up either, can't afford to owe anymore). I was told if I would have checked my statement every month that I would have been aware and able to avoid the $350.00 in late fees. I'm sorry but I guess the representative didn't hear me when I said I was on unemployment. When you have to go out and look for work every day which is required to even get paid by unemployment there really isn't too much time for other things like checking a stupid statement! I had it set up for auto pay so it would be one less thing I have to worry about and the payments were never actually late. That didn't work out to well I got charged late fees for payments made way before the due date! If the payment isn't late then how can I get charged a late fee? They come up with all these other ways to over charge people they can't come up with an under payment fee? These people are scum. How can they get away with stealing from people who are trying to pay for needed healthcare procedures? If I were to go out and steal $350.00 worth of merchandise from a store and got caught I would be put it jail, charged a ton of fines and have a criminal record. Then I really wouldn't be able to find a job! Can someone get these guys a pair of handcuffs and throw them in the slammer please?! If anyone would like to pursue a civil suit please contact me at the.99percent@yahoo.com. I WILL get that money credited back to my account at the very least. Who knows maybe I'll ask for a credit increase, get a boob job, make a ton of money from those then never pay them back. My credit score is good now but I wont care about that much longer. If they keep ripping me off then I'm going to do the same. I'm so sick of this if you are too and want to do something about it feel free to contact me. the.99percent@yahoo.com. Have a great day fellow CareCredit cardholders!

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capitalonecarecredit says: (5 years ago)
I need someone to call me in ref to my care credit card.I get no where when I call on the phone. I am NOT RECEIVING STATMENTS in the mail. This is a PROBLEM! I need a mailing address to send payments to. Please respond ASAP! My info:
Lynn Brooks 1217 McPherson St Elkhart Indiana 46514
contact phone number: 574-262-9974
If you can not call me - email me a mailing address for payments.Thank You Lynn Brooks

GECapitalCares says: (6 years ago)
**To expedite a response, please provide Reference code DM 100512_mu_np82**

I’m sorry you have experienced issues with your GE Capital Retail Bank account. We would like to try and resolve your concerns. Please email me at gecapitalcares@ge.com with the following information:

- The full name associated with the account
- Mailing address associated with the account
- Your contact phone number

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.

GE Capital

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